Landscape Design / Construction

Graeme’s skills as a landscape architect are used to interpret clients visions as well as guide their ideas to make their design reality, effective and appropriate.

  • Consultation advice
  • Plan drawing
  • Construction.
Tree Surgery

Graeme’s arborist advice can be used for pest and disease diagnosis, hazard reduction or purely to get a better view through to your chosen vista without compromising the tree.


Garden Maintenance

Once a landscape or garden is designed and constructed to fulfill the design intent and vision all gardens require the attention of passionate people to undertake the on going maintenance.
Total Horticultural Services can undertake all maintenance from the top of the trees to the bottom of the bore.


Lawn Care

With correct turf selection and good management of fertilizing, watering and mowing almost everyone can have their patch of manicured grass as they would like. Total Horticultural Services has reliable modern equipment for both turf care and renovation.



All plants and turf require water, however with water as such a scarce resource we must use every drop effectively and efficiently. Total Horticultural Services can apply the latest technology to provide for this.